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N2 Communications coronavirus podcast miniseries Episode 19 featuring Annabel Soutar, co-founder and artistic director of Porte Parole theater company. 

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N2 Communications coroavirus podcast miniseries Episode 18 featuring Justin Webb, founder and CEO of AgriWebb.

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N2 Communications coronavirus podcast miniseries Episode 17 featuring Red Dawn Foster, who is the South Dakota State Senator and co-founder/COO of the Return to the Heart Foundation. Visit for more information.

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N2 Communications coronavirus podcast miniseries Episode 16 veaturing Nakina Mills, tribal council representative for the Oglala Sioux Tribe. 

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N2 Communications coronavirus podcast miniseries Episode 15 featuring Brett Nowak, founder and CEO of Liquid and Grit. Liquid and Grit is a firm providing reports on product insights in the mobile gaming industry.

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N2 Communications coronavirus podcast miniseries Episode 14 featuring Paul Desmarais, chairman and CEO of Sagard Holdings.

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Episode 13 of N2 Communications' coronavirus podcast miniseries features Katherine Ryder, founder and CEO of Maven Clinic.

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We talked with Hannah Fenlon and Ann Marie Lonsdale, representing the group behind the COVID-19 Freelance Artist Resources List (FAR). We discuss their collective's spontaneous generation, where freelancers should look for assistance now, and how artists in particular have been affected by this pandemic.
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Jacqueline Loeb, CEO and co-founder of Scouted, discusses the future of work and how her company is adapting to the current career climate.

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Dr. Peter Henderson of Mt. Sinai hospital in New York City joins on to discuss being on the frontlines of the fight against the coronavirus, what it's like to be "re-purposed" from his usual job as a specialist reconstructive surgeon to being a general ER doctor, and the extraordinary sacrifices everyone from doctors and nurses to hospital janitors are making to help patients.

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N2 Communications coronavirus podcast miniseries Episode 9, featuring Anne Meree Craig, co-founder and CEO of the COMMIT Foundation.

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N2 Communications coronavirus podcast miniseries Episode 8 featuring Tom Pecoraro, co-founder and managing director of Excelerator Consulting.

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N2 Communications coronavirus podcast miniseries Episode 7 featuring Dan Rasmussen, founder of Verdad Capital.

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N2 Communications coronavirus podcast miniseries Episode 6 featuring James Lone War and Nick Gibbons from Red Cloud Indian School. 

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N2 Communications coronavirus podcast miniseries Episode 5 featuring Rev. Jonathan Page, Senior Minister of First Congregational Church of Houston.

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N2 Communications coronavirus podcast miniseries Episode 4, featuring Kip McDaniel, editor-in-chief and chief content officer of Institutional Investor.

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N2 Communications podcast's coronavirus miniseries Episode 2, featuring Maka Black Elk.

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N2 Communications podcast's coronavirus miniseries Episode 1, featuring Alex Sherman.

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Episode 69: Professor Jim Liew on Momentum Investing
Jim Liew, assistant professor of finance at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School
Summary: Guest host Dan Rasmussen talks to Professor Jim Liew about momentum investing and crowd sentiment on the podcast. Professor Liew discusses this strategy, both the academic side and its relevance for asset management. 


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Ep 68: Open Energy's Michael Blomquist on the Future of Solar

Guest host Lindsay Elliott sits down with Michael Blomquist, COO of Open Energy, a company driving capital to meet the challenges of growing commercial and industrial solar in the United States. Positioned as a expert broker between institutional investors and solar project developers, Blomquist and Open Energy have a unique perspective on the solar industry and trends within the energy industry at large. This wide-ranging conversation explores the investment opportunities in solar today, the role that capital allocation plays in growing the industry, and the role solar has to play in the future of renewable energy, carbon reduction, and the long-term effort to adjust to an uncertain environmental future.

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Ep 67: Traffic Engineering and the Math of Moving People

Former producer and friend of the show Quint Gribbin sits down with Jagan Kaja, a traffic engineer at WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff, to talk about the complex problems facing our current traffic infrastructure. There's a gap between mathematically optimal traffic patterns and the unpredictable nature of human behavior. What are traffic engineers doing to solve these problems, and what will the future of transportation look like?

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The critically acclaimed, Sundance- and Cannes-screened film Songs My Brothers Taught Me just hit Netflix, so we're revisiting our interview with director Chloe Zhao. When she sat down with Joe, they talked about making independent movies, entrepreneurship, and the beauty of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

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Ep 65: Splunk's CTO Unlocks Career Path

As CTO of Splunk, Snehal Antani leads the technology vision for the innovative, high-growth company that enables IT operations, cyber analysts, and business analytics professionals to collect, index, sort, and analyze machine data. In this episode, Snehal explains how every time he has made a career move, people have told him he’s crazy. For example, in the middle of the year 2000 tech bubble, he chose to work for IBM in Poughkeepsie over Silicon Valley. Then he jumped from a software development role to product management and business development. Later, he left IBM for GE Capital. Recently, he left GE for the CTO role at Splunk. When he sat down with Renny McPherson, he shared his theory of apprenticeship and how it has allowed him to grow as a leader and keep moving in directions that look impossible to others. 

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Ep 64: Pine Ridge Reservation Entrepreneur

Joe talks to Bailey Clifford, a budding but stymied entrepreneur on the Pine Ridge reservation.

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Joe Flood brings the recording gear on a trip to New Orleans to talk to French Quarter street artists and performers.

He starts with his old friend and former teaching colleague, Jenelle Campion to talk about how Jackson Square artists work together to bring their individual artwork to life, to fellow painter Morghan Brookens about bringing New Orleans' musical history to bear on her work, and caricaturist and puppeteer Andrew Wilkie about...a  bunch of things.

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Portfolio Manager, Author, Marine Vet Dr Wesley Gray

Before launching his asset management firm Alpha Architect, Dr. Wesley Gray served as a Marine Corps officer in Iraq. Already a student of economics at the time he joined the Marine Corps after graduating from Penn’s prestigious Wharton undergraduate program, he found that his military experience gave him insights into the nature of people and financial markets alike. Now an acclaimed author and portfolio manager who received a doctorate in finance from University of Chicago, Wesley shares in this conversation the lessons he took from the military that he applies to his current investment approach. Musing on the balances between human emotion and the systematic procedures that curb it, between confidence and humility, and between narrative and formula, Wesley illustrates just how universal the rules of combat and competition can be.

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Thomas joins Joe Flood to talk about her new book, Louisa, on the life of Louisa Catherine Adams, wife of president John Quincy Adams.  A woman both ahead, and very much of, her times, Louisa is a fascinating history that deals with thoroughly modern issues like race, electoral posturing, and women's roles in politics. A former Grantland editor, tennis writer, and author of the book Conscience, about World War I and it's impact on her great grandfather, Socialist presidential candidate Norman Thomas, Louisa Thomas talks about the forces that shaped America's early political history and their implications for today's political climate

-Numbers and Narrative

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Todd Johnson, CEO of HealthLoop
Summary: HealthLoop, a rapidly scaling automated patient engagement solution, is a pioneer in the changing paradigm of how health care can be provided. Todd Johnson, a successful health care tech entrepreneur, talks about the company, its important mission, and their business model. The brainchild of a high-end concierge doctor whose mission is to bridge the gap between care at the doctor's office and what happens when the patient is at home, HealthLoop coordinates care across the continuum. HealthLoop collects actionable data through engaging guidance and reassuring interactions to provide timely intervention when patients need it most.
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Not many people get the idea for a financial technology on thebeach in Ibiza, but not many people come up with some of theformative ideas for Facebook, either. Entrepreneur, Olympic rower,and co-founder of the bitcoin investment fund Gemini, TylerWinklevoss joins Joe Flood to talk before this week's Consensus2016 bitcoin and blockchain technology conference in New YorkCity.

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Summary: Joe Flood sits down with Babiators sunglasses founders Molly and Ted Fienning to discuss how they turned a spontaneous idea on a military base runway into a children's fashion company.

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SUMMARY: Our interview is with Simon Adler, a producer and reporter for the fantastic NPR show and podcast Radiolab. Simon reported and produced a story about an American millionaire who recently hunted and killed a black rhino—one of the most endangered animals on the planet. At first blush, it’s a disconcerting, colonial, image of a rich Western white guy gunning down an endangered African animal. But as Simon reveals in his story, there’s a lot more at play here. While extremely controversial, this kind of big game hunting has actually become one of the most successful ways of saving these black rhinos. One country where it’s done, Namibia, actually has an increasing population of rhinos, elephants and lions, and Namibian government officials and conservationists directly attribute those numbers to big game hunting. Whereas in many countries like Kenya, where hunting has been banned, animal populations are rapidly declining thanks largely to poachers and people encroaching on the animals’ habitats.

To put this very modern problem into an economic context, co-host Joe Flood starts out by looking at English economist William Forster Lloyd’s once-forgotten treatise on the “Tragedy of the Commons,” how the American environmental movements of the 1960s and 70s helped his theory and make it one of the most influential ideas in biology, economics and public policy. Then guest Simon Adler takes it from there…

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Geoff Orazem, Managing Partner and co-founder of Eastern Foundry


Summary: Geoff Orazem created Eastern Foundry, the company he wished existed as he suffered through the maze of government contracting. A workspace, a community, and a beacon for cutting through the noise of the contracting process for innovative product and services companies, Eastern Foundry is growing rapidly. A Marine Corps vet, Harvard Law School grad, and McKinsey alum, Geoff combines many talents as he builds an important company for those who wish to have the government as a client. 

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James Reinhart, CEO and co-founder of thredUP


Summary: James Reinhart, CEO and co-founder of thredUP, discusses how looking at his own closet several years ago led to what is now the biggest online consignment store in the world, thredUP.  Reinhart and his team over time learned how to make the experience of selling clothes as easy as possible for people who might not otherwise do so. Founded in 2009, the company has been incredibly successful as a pioneer in clothing resale, collaborative consumption, and in providing a concierge service in place of its early days as more of a pure marketplace. ThredUP continues to scale its business of providing like-new women's and kids' clothing at exceptional prices. 

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Professor Aswath Damodaran with guest host Dan Rasmussen.

Summary: The world's leading expert on valuation, Aswath Damodaran, discusses his theory that valuing companies requires understanding both numbers and narratives. Damodaran talks about why he believes the future will be won by "poets with discipline" and "number crunchers with imagination" and why he wants his son to study English literature.

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Marine Corps Vet Arthur Karell, VP Ops of Fiscal Note


Summary: Arthur Karell learned many management and culture lessons as a leader in the Marine Corps. Now these important lessons are coming in very handy as Arthur and the executive team scale the business, which just named former U.S. Army General Stanley McChrystal to its board of directors.

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A Numbers and Narrative interview with Jody Avirgan of

Summary: Five thirty eight. That is the number of delegates up for grabs in US Presidential elections and the professional home,, of guest Jody Avirgan, podcast host and producer for the Nate Silver website that dives into the data for things like sports, news, culture and, of course, politics. Jody is one of the best in the business at finding ways to use data to tell compelling stories, particularly in radio and podcast form. Jody and co-host Joe Flood discuss Jody’s work on NPR, geek out about their mutual love of WNYC radio host Brian Lehrer, talk about the excitement and challenges of telling data stories through 538’s podcast channel, and about Jody’s own project, Ask Roulette.

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Numbers And Narrative Podcast - Episode 51: The $350,000 in a Knapsack and Hyper-Scaling a Construction Business


An Interview with Isaac Lidsky, Speaker, Author, and CEO of ODC Construction


Summary: Isaac Lidsky and his business partner bought a Florida-based construction company five years ago. Since, they've hyper-scaled the company by installing processes and proprietary software. Isaac's story is inspiring. Isaac, who graduated Harvard at 19 and has been blind for nearly two decades, has worked as a childhood actor, an internet entrepreneur, a clerk on the Supreme Court and now leads ODC Construction. 

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Interview with Peter Maglathlin, Co-founder and CFO, HourlyNerd

Summary: While pursuing his MBA at Harvard Business School, Peter Maglathlin and his co-founders came up with the idea to create a curated marketplace for MBA alums to offer consulting services. On the third birthday of HourlyNerd, Renny sits down with Peter to talk about how they got to where they are. Now with 20,000 experts or 'nerds' on the platform, and offering for the enterprise and SMB's, HourlyNerd continues its trajectory for success. 

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Summary: For their final football pod, Joe Flood and screenwriter Jesse Andrews discuss the crushing loss their Patriots and Steelers suffered at the benumbed hand of Peyton Manning, misbehavior by key players, and their continuing obsession with the drug that is American football. Joe and Jesse she'd a few Skype tears over the last football pod, discuss Jesse's big wins for his novel/movie Me and Earl and the Dying Girl this time last year at Sundance, and promise to do a movies podcast before the Oscars at the end of February

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Renny talks to the founder/CEO of Allovue, a company that enables school districts to more effectively allocate resources. Jess talks about how she identified a huge problem while in the classroom for Teach for America in Baltimore. A solo founder, she built a tremendous team to tackle a huge challenge in education. Now Allovue has hit its stride and is bringing its important software solution to school districts nationwide.

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Summary: Joe Flood sits down with author Richard Beck to talk his book We Believe the Children about a modern day witch hunt for surrounding Satanism, child abuse and day care centers during the 1980s.

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Joe Flood and Jesse Andrews have a quick conversation about round two of the playoffs, the injured Steelers, peaking Packers, and Chilean quickies of questionable sound quality....

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Summary: Joe Flood talks with George Quraishi, founder of the renowned soccer magazine start-up Howler. They discuss soccer's growing popularity and influence in America, funding a beautiful print magazine in a generic digital world,  finding the right mix of storytelling, statistics, and humor for Howler's audience.

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Football Nonsense! Week 18 with Joe and Jesse.
Wild Card Playoffs With Joe Flood and Jesse Andrews
Summary: Noted Pittsburgh Steelers fan, emotional-hedge practitioner and screenwriter Jesse Andrews joins Joe Flood to talk about a weird final week of the NFL regular season, the Jets being the Jets, a stunning Steelers playoff berth, and all your playoff gambling lines! NFC games included. 


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A mournful Steelers-fan Jesse sucks it up to discuss AFC gambling lines with Joe, dissecting the Irish Vinny Testaverde, non-French Bat Masterson's whisky, and the All-Incontinent Team. 

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Summary: Joe visits Jesse in Boston for an in-person podcast on the Steelers, the Raiders of the Lost (Narrative) Arc, and all of this week 16's AFC games.

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Joe sits down with Barnard history professor Andrew Lipman to discuss his new book The Saltwater Frontier: Indians and the Contest for the American Coast, about 17th century Native and European coastal settlements from New York to Cape Cod.

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After a stunningly successful string of picks last week, Joe and Jesse revert to the mean (probably). Wait for the end for an appearance from special guest Fake Ira Glass!

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Adam Price believes that restaurants should not have to focus on running a delivery operation. He has built a team of full-time employees who deliver food for a growing number of New York restaurants. His software optimizes delivery routes. Adam's among a small number of entrepreneurs who've opted to make delivery personnel full-time employees. He discusses the business benefits to restaurants, his company, and his employees in this week's podcast.

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Joe and podcast regular Jesse Andrews debut a new NFL pick 'em podcast 3/4 of the way through the season. Enjoy it while you can!

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Summary: Joe talks with Alex Pudlin, quant, urban planner, and the man behind the data-tastic site to talk about quantitative urban planning, the deep importance of data silliness, and how LA doesn't get enough credit for its planning and transportation initiatives

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Summary: Jon Ferris and his team bring 50 PhD's through their free eight week data science curriculum several times a year. He talks about what data scientists bring to companies, offers tips to gain admittance to the Data Incubator and talks about what students learn in the curriculum.

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Summary: Joe sits down for a Thanksgiving football preview with former business reporter-turned-ESPN the Magazine sports columnist Mina Kimes to talk about how morally difficult watching the NFL is, and how much they each love doing it anyway.

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Summary: Phaedra Chrousos is on a mission to bring innovative thinking and leading-edge technology and technologists to the US Government. From her position as head of the office of citizen services for the Government Services Administration, she shares examples of the big positive changes happening in government technology.

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Summary: Co-host Joe Flood goes on the podcast What's the Point to talk about his book, The Fires, and what happens when the marriage of stats and public policy goes terribly wrong.

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Greg Lindsay -- Reporter and Urban Planning Writer

Summary: Joe sits down with Greg to talk about the all-too-common downsides of using statistics to make urban policy and planning decisions.

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Alexa Hirschfeld -- Co-founder of Paperless Post

Summary: Alexa Hirschfeld is the co-founder of digital invitation company Paperless Post. She describes how she and her brother, who is her co-founder, combine their talents as they continue to reimagine how people send invitations.

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Jeff Lacouture -- Joe's sports stats reporting partner

Summary: Joe talks baseball playoffs, silly metrics for measuring entertainment, and reverse-fantasy football with sports statistics aficionado Jeff Lacouture.

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Jesse Andrews -- Novelist, screenwriter, Pittsburgh sports obsessive

Summary: Second-time guest Jesse Andrews comes on to deliver a Rant for the Ages on the existential futility of sports fandom after his Pirates were bounced from the playoffs, and talk about his fantasy sports addiction and falling off the wagon.

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Dan Mindus -- Founder and CEO of NextGen Angels

Summary: Dan Mindus and his team rebuilt early-stage funding from the ground up. Dan leads a NextGen Angels, a fast-growing group of entrepreneurial investors.

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Ajay Kori - Co-founder of UrbanStems

Summary: Ajay Kori is leading UrbanStems on their mission to deliver happiness one flower bouquet at a time. While doing so, he is upending the flower delivery business.

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Sisi Wei and Annie Waldman of Pro Publica 

Summary: Joe visits Sisi Wei and Annie Waldman of Pro Publica to talk about their data-driven story on elite colleges and student debt, and data-dive a bit on using federal data for public interest journsalism. 

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Chloe Zhao - Producer

Summary: Joe talks with Chloe Zhao, writer and director of the critically acclaimed Sundance and Cannes-screened film Songs My Brothers Taught Me, about making independent movies, entrepreneurship, and the beauty of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

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Jennifer Fitzgerald - Co-Founder and CEO of PolicyGenius

Summary: Jennifer Fitzgerald and her co-founder saw a gap in finance technology innovation - the insurance industry. They're growing fast and they even offer pet insurance

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Jamin Warren -- Founder of Kill Screen Magazine

Summary: Founder of video game magazine Kill Screen Jamin Warren talks with Joe about creative startups, curating at MoMa, and leaving the Wall Street Journal for a dream.

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Justin McLeod -- Founder and CEO of Hinge

Summary: Justin McLeod and his team at dating app Hinge offer a modern twist on a classic way to meet - through friends you trust.

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Prof. Susan McGregor -- Data Viz Expert

Summary: Data Visualization expert Susan McGregor of Columbia Journalism School's Tow Center for Digital Journalism talks about bridging the gap between stories and numbers, journalism in the digital age, and a very special date in music video history 

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Eliza Gray -- Staff Writer at Time Magazine

Summary: Eliza Gray discusses her Time cover story "Questions to Answer in the Age of Optimized Hiring" and goes in-depth on what personality testing for hiring means for job-seekers and society at-large

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Lou Howe -- Director of the movie 'Gabriel'

Summary: Lou Howe discusses how directing a film is similar to leading a startup.

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Mike Baird -- Founder and CEO of Avizia

Summary: Mike Baird and his company Avizia are at the forefront of telemedicine and in a period of hyper-growth. Avizia's timing is tremendous and their goals are noble: to reduce costs associated with getting to a doctor and to provide patients with more immediate care. 

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Nik Hawks -- PaleoTreats

Summary: Joe talks to Nik Hawks, all around renaissance man and co-founder of PaleoTreats snack bars.

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Owen Murphy -- 5th Grade sports metric creator

Summary: In this special 4th of July episode, Joe does a brief interview with Owen Murphy, an 11 year old Bronx native who invented his own metric to measure NFL quarterback performance for a class project. Joe also shouts out N&N guest Jesse Andrews' fantastic new movie Me and Early and The Dying Girl. Go out and see it!

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Steven Ujifusa -- Naval Historian

Summary: Joe Flood discusses Steven's book, "A Man and his Ship," which was chosen by The Wall Street Journal as one of the top ten non fiction books of 2012 and received accolades from BookList, Publishers Weekly (starred review), The New York Times, National Public Radio, and The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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Kristi Riordan -- COO of The Flatiron School

Summary: Kristi Riordan and Flatiron School aim to align education with reality by providing an intense 12-week program for people to learn to code. Flatiron School is at the forefront of the changing nature of how people are taught and what they learn. 

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Dan Rosenheck - Professional Services Correspondent at The Economist

Summary: Sports and Data editor at the Economist Dan Rosenheck joins Joe to talk NBA Finals, quantifying Lebron James, and the story Joe wrote for Dan on NBA home court advantage, questionable trends, and the perils of frequentism.

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Donna Khalife -- CEO and Co-Founder of Surprise Ride

Summary: Donna Khalife, daughter of an artist and former banker, started a company with her sister Rosy, to foster creativity in kids. Many children, adults and the sharks from Shark Tank love their monthly subscription box of fun activities. 

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Erica Berger-- Founder of Mileage Media and new media platform, Catchpool

Summary:  Erica Berger, writer, reporter and founder of social media curation tool Catchpool talks about her path to the startup world. Special Catchpool membership offer for our listeners:

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Will Ackerly -- Founder and CTO of Virtru

Summary:  Will Ackerly, former NSA security architect, founded a company to bring privacy to how people communicate digitally, starting with email.

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Frida Polli -- CEO and co-founder of Pymetrics

Summary: Frida Polli, a PhD in neuroscience, created a company - Pymetrics - that she calls 'Myers-Briggs for the 21st century'

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Yaneer Bar-Yam - Founding president of the New England Complex Systems Institute

Summary: Joe sits down with Professor Yaneer Bar-Yam to talk about what happens when conventional calculus and statistics go wrong, and how the growing field of "complex systems" mathematics can help us understand everything from revolutions to how to contain disease like Ebola

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Jed Cohen - COO/Co-founder of RocketHub

Summary: A former actor launched, grew and now successfully sold a crowd funding site

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Rob Dubbin - Comedy writer talking programming, college sports and coding your own video game

Summary: How, and why, does a comedy writer build a football simulator?

Interview Timeline: 

- (02:20) Background on Rob Dubbin

- (06:22) Dubbin talks about injuries in sports and the state of football

- (09:36) Dubbin builds a simple, fast, football simulator

- (37:10) 'Real Human Praise' - an automated twitter account

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Cezary Podkul - Washington Post and ProPublica Reporter

Summary: What fiscal changes has Chris Christie promised and how has he delivered on those promises?

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Steve Kettmann - Author of ‘Baseball Maverick,’ How Sandy Alderson Revolutionized Baseball and Revived the Mets

Summary: Who was Sandy Alderson and how only looking at stats can dilute the game of baseball 

Interview Timeline: 

- (02:02) - Choosing to use the word 'revive' in the book title

- (07:56) - In combat, baseball, the backstory of Sandy Alderson

- (15:38) - "Don't let stats ruin baseball"

- (24:01) - Watching the game vs reading the numbers

- (38:00) - The resurgence of of older conventional wisdom

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Jonathan Darman - Author of ‘Landslide,’ LBJ, Reagan and New America

Summary: Describing two very different presidents, Ronald Reagan and Lyndon Johnson


Interview Timeline: 

- (01:40) The strengths and weaknesses of Reagan and Johnson

- (08:28) Growing away from the Political Machine and Party Bosses

- (35:07) Robert McNamara identifies the the emerging  suburban consumer

- (40:32) The intelligence of Ronald Reagan

- (56:40) What is suprising about Lyndon Johnson?

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Myra Norton - President and COO of Pegged

Summary: Discussing how she went from teaching math to running a company


Interview Timeline: 

- (00:24) Myra and Pegged Software

- (01:45) Providing fairer access to job markets

- (04:33) The advantage of a focused market approach

- (09:39) Myra North's path through academia and big business

- (28:40) So, would you like to do a startup?

- (34:50) Learning to do sales is about teaching and helping people solve their problems

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Jesse Andrews - Accomplised author and screenwriter

Summary: Discussing both his new movie and sports


Interview Timeline: 

- (02:15) Synopsis of "Me and Early and the Dying Girl"

- (05:39) Jesse answers the question, "Is this story biographical?"

- (08:18) The book to screenplay to production process

- (20:23) Will algorithms be writing screenplays?

- (26:06) Topics in sports!


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Glen Coppersmith - Scientist, Statistician, Data Whisperer

Summary: Quantitative methods in mental health


Interview Timeline: 

- (02:44) Why did you choose to build a life around mathematics?

- (09:20) A philosophy grounded in application

- (14:36) Building a company around applied mathematics

- (16:47) Introducing a psychology degree to computer science

- (26:10) Continuing education at Hopkins

- (28:50) Moving to Qntfy and other projects

- (32:45) Focusing in the particulars of Twitter data

- (37:10) The mission of Qntfy - apply modern quantitative methods to mental health

- (43:40) "Moneybollocks" - doing the math but missing the point

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Dan Rosenheck - Professional Services Correspondent at The Economist

Summary: An Opening Day's celebration of baseball and statistics


Interview Timeline 

- Introduction to Dan Rosenheck

- (01:50) Spring training stats, do they matter?

- (10:55) Stat Cast, what is it?

- (15:3 0) Catchers make pitchers better

- (21:53) High stakes fantasy league

- (30:00) Meaningless vs worthless statistics

- (32:06) Looking for the baseline to measure if adding spring training had a effect

- (38:50) Capping off the importance of spring training

- (41:20) How Dan got into statistics

- (50:15) Presenting results through twitter

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Lowell Putnam - Co-founder and CEO of Quovo

Summary: How to build a data science startup for investment data


Interview Timeline 

- Introduction to Quovo and basic terminology

- (08:00) What gave birth to Quovo after the crisis?

- (16:50) How Quovo uses data and could use other types of data

- (21:10) Security

- (23:01) How Putnam got interested in numbers

- (26:15) Putnam as a self-taught developer and managing Quovo

- (37:30) Communicating with investors - overconfidence

- (38:40) Startups, disruptors, and big business

- (40:30) Reflections on the current economy and predictions for the future

- (47:10) Where has your peer group moved?

- (50:15) Hiring, recruiting, and retaining


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Dan Rasmussen - Co-founder of Verdad Fund Advisors

Summay: Historian and hedge fund co-founder asks whether private equity is a parlor game.


Interview Timeline 

- Introduction 

- (04:17) An overview of Verdad

- (08:10) Dan Rasmussen growing up in DC

- (09:50) Human vs automated decision making

- (15:10) Reversion to the mean

- (23:36) Efficient markets 

- (26:38) Gambling and investing

- (33:20) How Dan transitioned from a writer to a "numbers guy"

- (39:35) Using financial analysis to unpack the hidden history of slaves

- (44:50) Reflecting on booms and busts

- (51:40) Discussing oil prices and closing statements


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Alan Wilkis - Head Honcho at Wildcassettes, an independent record label

Summary: Turning Big Data and post-modern paranoia into a hit band


Interview Timeline  

- (04:44) Stories from traveling on the road and Wilkis' music career

- (09:24) How Allan got started in the music industry

- (13:24) Wilkis describes his music, lifestyle, and influences

- (23:55) How Wilkis started forming bands and becoming successful in the music industry 

- (30:06) Wilkis finds Joywave and the growth of Big Data the band 

- (40:34) Podcast conclusion and Wilkis plugs Big Data


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Jordan Bar Am - VP, Sales and Business Development at DipJar

Summary: Labor activist turned-tech entrepreneur chases passion and profit


Interview Timeline

- (01:19) Introduction to Dipjar

- (04:25) Building the team with nontechnical co-founders

- (06:48) Finding and vetting engineers

- (08:35) How does Dipjar motivate the engineering team?

- (10:21) Dipjar's status

- (14:11) Why Jordan started Dipjar

- (15:18) Jordan's career path

- (17:23) Bringing a data driven approach to business

- (20:24) How starting Dipjar changes Jordan's perspective

- (24:08) Realizing the vision of Dipjar

- (26:05) How did you increase your technical knowledge?

- (28:06) Jordan, where are your colleagues now?

- (30:41) Moving from a analytic idea to a compelling narrative

- (32:38) The future of Dipjar

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